Album The Dethalbum
Band/Composer Dethklok
Featured in episode "Dethtroll"
Previous in album "Go Into the Water"
Next in album "Bloodrocuted"

Awaken is a song by Dethklok. "Awaken" is quite possibly the only Dethklok song with lyrics not written by Nathan Explosion (although in real life, it was actually written by Brendon Small, as with every song in the show). It was taken from a spell book. The spell that was used for the lyrics, when said, awakened the lake troll Mustakrakish, who would then proceed to wreak havoc. However, due to the death of Mustakrakish, the spell is no longer active and is useless; however, the song could be played without danger of Mustakrakish wreaking havoc.

History Edit

"Awaken" was written by the band for a new Finnish national anthem. They traveled to Finland to apologize for a past incident, but unable to finish their speech, Nathan decided to have the band play the song anyways. As the band played the song, Mustakrakish was awakened due to the lyrics being taken from an ancient Finnish book of spells.

Music video Edit

A music video was made for Dethklok (the touring band) to use during live performances. It simply shows the band playing as well as Mustakrakish being summoned through various shots, as well as the spell book the lyrics were taken from.

Lyrics Edit

Copyright logo The following song lyrics is a direct quote, copied verbatim, from Metalocalypse, a Dethklok song, or from album linear notes.

This content is copyrighted by either Adult Swim, Williams Street Records, or BS Records.

Mustakrakish (x2)

The time has come, to awaken him
I call upon the ancient lords of the underworld
To bring forth this beast and

Awaken (x4)
Take the land, that must be taken
Awaken (x4)
Devour worlds, smite forsaken

Rise up from your thousand year-old sleep
Break forth from your grave eternally
I command you to

Rise (x8)

I'm the conjurer of demons
I'm the father of your death
I bring forth the ancient evil
I control his every breath
I instigate your misfortune
With the birth of killing trolls
I awaken Armageddon
Feeding on a thousand souls

Awaken (x4)

Mustakrakish (musta) (x8)

Awaken (x4)
Take the land, that must be taken
Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Devour worlds, smite forsaken

Rise up from your thousand year-old sleep
Break forth from your grave eternally
Weak will die and land will all be burned
Mustakrakish, king and death to worlds
I command you to

Rise (x16)

And awaken

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