Better Metal Snake

Album The Dethalbum
Band/Composer Dethklok
Featured in episode "Snakes N' Barrels (episode) (orchestral background music)"
Previous in album "Fansong"
Next in album "The Lost Vikings"

Better Metal Snake is a part of the Viking trilogy, along with Thunderhorse. While the full version of the song is not featured in an episode, an orchestral version of the song is used as background music in the episode Snakes N' Barrels.


Copyright logo The following song lyrics is a direct quote, copied verbatim, from Metalocalypse, a Dethklok song, or from album linear notes.

This content is copyrighted by either Adult Swim, Williams Street Records, or BS Records.

War has been declared

We are forced to fight

Take lives of my men

My Kingdom falls this night

You conquer with your serpent

And it's scales of molten steel


Castles lay in ruin

Carcasses ignite

Bretheren's heads on posts

But still I must fight I conjure with my fury

A masterful decree I will build a beast

That will conquer you

Built of metal gears

Spears to run you through


Now go seek devour

Inject your poison

And take their lives away


It's gonna take your life tonight

Mechanical reptilian might

Shed it's metal skin and destroy

It's such a better


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