Black Fire Upon Us

Album Dethalbum II
Band/Composer Dethklok
Featured in episode "Dethrelease"
Previous in album "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence"
Next in album "Dethsupport"

Black Fire Upon Us is a song by Dethklok.


This is one of the last songs off the Dethalbum II to be revealed. It was first played by Dethklok live the day when the Dethalbum II was released. Dethklok played the song in a rather spectacular fashion: the stage was pentagonal, reflecting the five band members as well as the pentagram. It started underground before launching into the sky like a rocket, and was very spherical in shape at this point. When it reached a certain altitude, the stage folded out, revealing Dethklok at the very center. Dethklok continued to play from the air to all of their fans.

After the performance, Dethklok returned to Mordhaus for the album release party. However, the party was interrupted when the Revengencers started to attack Mordhaus.

Music videoEdit

A music video for "Black Fire Upon Us" has been made for Dethklok to use during live performances.

Dethklok - Black Fire Upon Us05:42

Dethklok - Black Fire Upon Us


Tonight we ride on clouds of fire

we're damned by gods our deths conspired

we fear no mortals in these worlds

the gift we give you is your soul

Fly with us tonight

fly with us tonight

The sky

Will break

Black fire

Will wake

Fly on through the night

we build an alliance

our numbers are strong

we gather

but we don't pray to gods

what fools, what lunatics

they must think of us

On this night we must journey

far beyond this world

and you must know that we will never come back home again

But now we must fly

beasts in the night

tragic in the sky

battlefield in sight

storm gathers strong

cold blackened flame

tell us our future

stories of the slain

Fire grows strong

freezing our skin

vision is clouded

the rain will begin

Dangerous creatures

Those that will oppose us

Raped all their power

Bartered with warlocks

Cheated the demons

For ancient spells

The blackened fire

Waits to consume us

So now we'll say goodbye

because tonight we die

so we say goodbye

so we'll say goodbye

we die

Tonight we ride on clouds of fire

we're damned by gods our deths conspired

we fear no mortals in these worlds

the gift we give you is your soul

the gift we give you is your soul


  • "Black Fire Upon Us" was revealed in the Season 2 finale "Dethrelease", which is also known as "Black Fire Upon Us".
  • Dethklok's performance of the song was one of the few Dethklok concerts to have some gimmick with the show and not have any casualties, despite the bloody afterparty.
  • The band's performance of "Black Fire Upon Us" has been considered to be one of Dethklok's finest performances, along with the concert they played in "Renovationklok" and their performances of "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" and "Impeach God".

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