Blazing Star

Album The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera
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Featured in episode "Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem"
Previous in album "Morte Lumina"
Next in album "Doomstar Orchestra"
Dethklok, they must be rejoined. Evil, it must be destroyed. Write the song that will be our salvation!
The Doomstar Requiem

Blazing Star is the sole single off Dethklok's fourth studio album The Doomstar Requiem and the main theme of the Dethklok musical special Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.


Blazing Star 2

Nathan Explosion singing Blazing Star in The Doomstar Requiem

Blazing Star is the song Dethklok writes upon being united with Toki following his kidnapping. It is Dethklok's first song since Dethharmonic to be written in the distinct symphonic death metal genre, featuring the orchestral arrangement known as the Doomstar OrchestraThe song is prophesized by Ishnifus in the Season 4 finale Church of the Black Klok, when he tells Nathan about the importance of sending the 'appropriate' message Dethklok was destined to spread, explaining, "You're one song away from finishing this message, yes. Dethklok must finish this last song first." Ofdensen also foreshadows the importance of this song, stating, "The song you haven't written yet will be the most important ammunition you will ever have, but you're going to have to find Toki first." The in-show version of the song, Morte Lumina, plays during the sequence of scenes depicting the final rescue of Toki, their ultimate defeat of The Revengencers, and Toki's first time back on stage after Dethklok's reunion. The song apparently represents the idea that the band could not have defeated their enemies without each other.



The glowing clouds

The diamond's birth

The spiral cluster the descends to Earth

The nebulas conspire to bring

the signifier and the death of a king

Well I'm a man with a tortured sight

I fear this dream will end tonight

The water beasts continue singing

We try to wake but we're not dreaming

I'm gonna find you

I'm running out of time

I gotta play this part

This is my lot in life

With this power I am endowed

The end is coming so bring it down now

[Pickles singing]

Oh, the keeper wields his scythe

Oh, you gotta kiss this life goodbye

There is another place beyond we'll meet in time

And I will greet you all in the next life, yeah


The Blazing Star

It burns so bright

The darkened power

The deathly light

Bring it on now

This is your time

We're the new regime

Together we'll fight

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