Murdertrain a Comin’

"Blueklok" is the fourteenth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on November 5, 2006 on Adult Swim.


The band gets depressed and seeks out how to play the blues.


Dethklok is at a concert but aren't playing; Nathan is just breathing into the mic. The news then says the band has canceled everything. An old man watching the news diagnoses the band with the blues.

Mashed Potato JohnsonEdit

The band is just moping about Mordhaus. Murderface is eating ice-cream. Nathan's depression stems from magazines calling him fat and ugly. A Klokateer brings in the man from earlier. He is Mashed Potato Johnson the "blues man". He wants to help the band.

The Tribunal seems uncertain whether the depression marks the end of the band or not. Celebrity Depression expert Vincenzo de Alimamala Corningston the Third says it doesn't take much to send a celebrity "spiraling into depression". They know of Mashed Potato Johnson and know Dethklok will go to him. In the end, Mr. Selatcia says they will let Dethklok attempt the ways of the blues.

Out in the middle of nowhere, the Dethcopter lands on a house. Starting with Skwisgaar, the band decides it's too hot for shirts and takes them off. Mashed Potato Johnson takes them to the chicken coop where a man buried the wife he murdered, saying it's "where the blues began". Next, they are at a cotton field where a man was beaten. Then, they are at a spot on a rail road where a man got hit and decapitated. Skwisgaar points out that all the songs are about trains. Their next stop is a tree where 22 men were murdered "just for being ugly". In an old barn, Mashed Potato Johnson has the band members pair up and gives them the first rule to the blues.

Blues trainingEdit

Out standing in a field, Pickles ask for sun block, and Mashed Potato Johnson says he can't have any. He then tells Nathan to "give Murderface them blues". Nathan calls Murderface ugly, and Murderface gets offended, but agrees. Murderface then criticizes Nathan, who says Murderface is right. Back in the barn, the band is sunburnt except Toki who has a nice tan. Toki, Skwisgaar, and Mashed Potato Johnson are holding "grandspa's guitars". Skwisgaar says he only plays metal. Mashed Potato Johnson plays something, which Toki and Skwisgaar copy, only faster. They say it's too hard to not play fast. To solve this, Mashed Potato Johnson ties cinder blocks to their wrists. Mashed Potato Johnson gives Nathan his harmonica and tells him to play it. Nathan plays one note and says he got it.

A deal with the devilEdit

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The band is sitting in a semi circle with Mashed Potato Johnson, who tells them that the blues devil is in Mississippi with them, and to be real blues men they are going to have to sell their souls. The band waits in the middle of an intersection. A car comes down the road and the sky darkens. The devil steps out of the car. He hands them a contract, they read it and revise it. In the end, Dethklok would get 7% of the devil's soul and he would get a $5 Hot Topic gift card. The devil decides to "sleep on it" and leaves.

The band returns to the barn. Mashed Potato Johnson says they must perform a blues show, they must go to the people. So Dethklok goes to a Hippie festival and give them the blues. Dethklok's eyes glow red when they play and cause tornados to attack the festival.

Songs featured in this episodeEdit

Guest VoicesEdit

  • George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
  • King Diamond


  • The idea of a Blues musician selling his soul to the devil in exchange for his awesome musical talent was inspired by legendary musician Robert Johnson.

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