"Dethkids" is the sixteenth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on November 12, 2006 on Adult Swim.


After winning the Argentinian award "Los Niños Favoritico", Toki feels he must up his brutal image. Meanwhile, Murderface tries to start his own side band and Nathan records the complete works of William Shakespeare with Pickles' help.



Juliette, from the Wish for Something Foundation

The episode opens with The Dethklok Minute Host reporting on each member of the band. Nathan is going to record the entire works of Shakespeare as a book on tape, Skwisgaar is serial dating (MILFs, GMILFs, and soon-to-be-MILFs), Murderface is starting a side project (Planet Piss) and Pickles is combating rumours that he lies about his drinking by drinking more than he ever has before. The program closes out with Toki complaining to Charles that he has been left out of the Dethklok Minute once again. Charles attempts to placate him by reminding him that he is about to receive a distinguished award. Toki walks on stage and is given the distinguished Argentinian award, Los Ninos Favoritico. Just after retrieving his trophy he has green slime and confetti dropped on him from the ceiling, and screaming children shoot him with super soakers full of more slime.

Toki hates kidsEdit

The Wish for Something Foundation shows little Juliette Sarmangsadandle wishing to meet Toki. Despite Offdensen reminding Toki that the children in the foundation are all sick and dying, Toki refuses to be associated with kids and is upset at being viewed as "the cutesy guys whats kids like." He decides to become more 'brutal', a "demons, which lives insides their nightmares", decking himself out in blood, spikes, and wielding a flamethrower. 

Meanwhile, Murderface is chatting about Planet Piss with Knubbler, while procrastinating heavily. Nathan decides to record the entire written works of Shakespeare in one take with a very drunk Pickles acting as engineer. After many hours of growling into the microphone (at which time Nathan has mostly lost his voice) Pickles informs him that he had forgotten to press record.

Juliette reaches outEdit

Weeks later, Toki is still skulking around Mordhaus, setting everything on fire and hissing curses in a demonic voice. The band, clearly concerned, discuss whether or not they should fire or murder Toki. Offdensen discourages them, saying he has an idea to bring Toki back to normal. Later Offdensen meets Toki is his newly brutal bedroom, telling him that Little Julilette Sarmangsadandle has arrived to see him (a brief scene shows the rest of Dethklok trying to entertain her). Toki wishes for her death, and after reminding him that Julliette is dying Offdensen presents Toki with a DVD.

The DVD is a video of Juliette, playing a song on her toy guitar. She sings a song about longing for murder and wanting to celebrate her hatred. Toki is moved by the song, remembering his childhood in Norway and imagines himself to be singing with her in a fantastical landscape. He runs out to meet her, apologizing to the back of her chair for being 'a selfish idiot' and promises to give her 'all the times in the world'.

He turns her chair around but she is already dead. The credits roll as he dissolves into screaming hysterics, and starts to hallucinate, hearing a demonic voice (presumably belonging to Juliette) hissing and shrieking over his screams  "I'm dead", "you killed me" and "I'm dead because of you" while he envisions her face rotting and filling with flies and maggots.

After the creditsEdit

Murderface and Dick Knubbler discuss their work on the Planet Piss project so far.

The TribunalEdit

Tribunal 2

"Can you imagine an entire generation raised on metal?"

"We must fear children. We have many successful programs in place to silence and control children, but i fear this Toki Wartooth, his natural child-like ways and children's affinity toward him, may be our biggest threat yet. Do you remember the sixties? ((Crozier "Yes, Yes i do.")) Well, that was just hippies. Dirty hippies with flowers and mushrooms and acoustic guitars. Can you imagine a whole generation raised on metal?"

--Professor Jerry Gustav Mangledink

Songs featured in this episodeEdit

Guest VoicesEdit

  • George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher

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  • Murderface has at least five Bass tracks in the Planet Piss song he records during this episode. 
  • Los Niños Favoritico (which is somewhat broken Spanish translating to "The favoritish children") is nearly a straight copy of Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, even featuring the slime tribute.
  • Juliette Sarmangsadandle is the first person we have seen succumb to Toki's supposed curse.
  • The typeface Juliette uses at the beginning of her video is called Comic Sans MS. It is usually seen as a generic novice font and often indicates amateurish work in popular culture.
  • The three abstract figures that can be seen on the dresser in Juliette's recording room are also featured vastly enlarged in the dreamlike sequence of "A Song For Toki". In fact, she and young Toki are literally sitting in the giant opened mouth of the one standing in the middle of them (its design is slightly altered, though).
  • The song "A Song For Toki" features a similar melody to the song "Come Sail Away" by Styx.
  • Juliette appears to be strumming a video game controller in the shape of a guitar that usually comes with games like Guitar Hero or Rockband. It is possible someone played or synthesized the guitar music for her.  
  • Professor Jerry Gustav Mangledink is clearly based on Captain Kangaroo.