Dethklok "Snowhorse" Explorer
Manufacturer Gibson
Period Pre-production
Body type N/a
Neck joint N/a
Body N/a
Neck N/a
Fretboard N/a
Bridge N/a
Pickup(s) N/a
Colors avaliable
Color(s) Snow Burst

The Dethklok "Snowhorse" Explorer is a type of electric guitar that is currently unreleased and in development. It is a snowburst Gibson Explorer used by Skwisgaar early in Dethklok's career. Skwisgaar would later go on to use the standard black and white Gibson Explorer and subsequently the Dethklok "Thunderhorse" Explorer. In March 2014 show co-creator Brendon Small teased the idea of releasing the guitar to the public asking what features they would like to see, suggesting that the guitar could be in pre-production.[1] And on October 30, 2014 Brendon Small revealed the prototype for the guitar at Festival Surpeme.


Similar to the Brendon Small "Snow Falcon" Flying V, the Snowhorse has a "snowburst" design (a term coined by Brendon Small himself). And despite the guitar on Metalocalypse having a standard headstock, the prototype of the guitar had a reverse headstock.




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