Little did you know that the ink used in this comic book was mixed with our own blood...after we mixed our blood with poison!! Lick the ink from your fingers and embrace your death!
Nathan Explosion
Dethklok vs. The Goon



Author Eric Powell, Brendon Small
Illustrator Eric Powell
Cover artist Eric Powell
Jon Schnepp (variant)
Language English
Genre Comic book; dark humor
Published July 22, 2009 (Dark Horse Comics)
Media type Print; full color
Pages 32 pages (one shot)
ISBN (UPC) 7 61568 16368 1 00111
Preceded by -
Followed by Dethklok #1

Dethklok versus The Goon is a comic book published by Dark Horse released on July 22, 2009. The comic is a "one-shot" comic meaning that the events in the book is separate from Metalocalypse universe and should be considered non-canon expanded universe.


The comic was written by Brendon Small and Eric Powell (known for his work as the writer of "The Goon"). The colorist was Dave Stewart and there are two variants of the cover art, one by Eric Powell and one by Jon Schnepp. There is a disclaimer in the beginning of the book notifying the reader that the events in the story share no continuity with the show.


Dk Goon

The comic book starts off by revealing that William Murderface is the descendant of a Mongoloid inbred emperor named Ferdinand. The Tribunal suspects this royal inbreeding to be a program created by a cult to create the perfect anti-human. And that the sole surviving member of this alliance, Putmantingo Schogenhofen, plans to warp reality to his liking. The Tribunal is ordered by Selacia to simply observe rather than take action. General Crozier grows impatient of simply always observing and has a scientist mentally program Dr. Rockzo to kill Dethklok when he hears a command ("Peaches Valentine"). A while later Schogenhofen appears standing outside Mordhaus and casts a spell (and getting shot in the head by klokateer right after) that opens a vortex that sends Mordhaus to an alternate universe (the Universe of "The Goon"). Dethklok unknowingly doesn't take much notice to this new universe and simply heads to the bar where they share a brief encounter with The Goon and other characters in that series. Later in the day Dethklok plays an outdoor concert and the klokateer's end up shooting and killing one of The Goon's friends, Franky. This enrages the Goon and he seeks to get revenge on Dethklok. He ends up defeating an army of Klokateers. And makes his way to the stage to kill Dethklok. All the while Dr. Rockzo is also on stage (under hypnosis) and about to kill Dethklok. The Goon ends up slashing both Rockzo and Murderface in the head with an axe (killing only Rockzo). The slash to Murderfaces head breaks the vortex's cycle and Dethklok is sent back to their own world. Murderface is revealed to have survived and had reconstructive face surgery that gives him the resemblance of his mongoloid ancestor, Ferdinand.


  • Murderface's fictional ancestry being traced back to "Ferdinand" and him saying "I want dumpling's" at the end of the comic book is a reference to Ferdinand I of Austria whose only known quote was "I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings!"


DETHKLOK vs01:18


Dethklok vs. The Goon advertisement (narrated by Skwisgaar)

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