Dory McClean (song)

Album -
Band/Composer Dr. Rockzo
Featured in episode "Dethzazz"
Previous in album "-"
Next in album "-"

Dory McClean is a song Dr. Rockzo wrote about his teenaged lover. The song is quite explicit about the fact that Dory is a minor and their sexual acts, which may be the reason the police found him out. 


Take a snowy night up to China

Up two tunnels to wonderland

Two eyes-Staring right at you

Shooting white lightning form her mammary glands

But then it caught my eye

I wanna snort those thighs 

(OWWWW!!!) I wanna sniff your soul (OHHHHHHHH!!!!)

Dory McClean

She's only fourteen

Gonna suck it all night

She's a sweet sucking queen

You gotta suck it through the top

And stay with me


Music videoEdit

While there is no official music video for this song, the show has a short sequence of Dr Rockzo singing to Dory as he remembers her.

Zazz Blammymatazz - Dory McClean Lyrics01:40

Zazz Blammymatazz - Dory McClean Lyrics

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