Ernie in studio
Ernie was a dog owned by Brendon Small, who passed away in January 2014. He was a weimaraner breed and lived to be around 11 years old. Ernie has frequently been mentioned in the linear notes of every Brendon Small album (both Dethklok and solo).

Mentions by Brendon Small in album linear notesEdit

The Dethalbum: "Brendon Small would like to thank: ...and Ernie the dog..."
Dethalbum II: "Brendon Small would like to thank: ...and my stupid floppy eared friend who hates my guitar playing, Ernie."
Dethalbum III: "Brendon Small would like to thank: ...and last but not least my four-footed grey friend Ernie."
Brendon Small's Galaktikon: "Brendon Small would like to thank: ...and last but not least my floppy eared friend Ern.
The Doomstar Requiem: "Brendon Small would like to thank: ...and of course Ernie the dog for being a ridiculous dildo."


  • Ernie's name is reference to Ernie Ball guitar strings.
  • Ernie is featured in the Dethalbum III behind the scenes documentary.


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