"Go Forth and Die" is the thirteenth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on October 29, 2006 on Adult Swim.


Nathan tries to get his G.E.D., but drinks to calm himself down. He eventually gets so drunk that he doesn't answer a single question on the test.


The episode opens with Dethklok at a concert preforming "Go Forth and Die". The concert is attacked by a murder of crows which mutilate the band or cause incidents, leaving Nathan as the only band member left. Nathan is shown one year later working at a fast food restaurant, where he is recognized by an old fan. The fan taunts Nathan for not having a backup plan for Dethklok and being completely incapable of doing anything with his life. Nathan then wakes up and this is revealed to all be a nightmare.

Education issuesEdit

At a meeting, Charles informs the band that Murderface was invited to be on "Celebrity Spelling Bee". Toki says he was only invited to the show for ratings. Charles goes on to tell the band they have been invited to give a speech at Harvard and will be given degrees that "mean nothing". Charles tells the band they should go because it's a big deal being Harvard and all. Nathan walks in late because he had a " can't figure it out dream" and thinks he is stupid. Pickles says he can't be stupid since he's famous, and Charles agrees. Toki adds the fact that he's a billionaire. Murderface asks Nathan a simple math equation, and Nathan punches him causing Toki to laugh. Toki is then punched by Murderface. Nathan decides the only way to make these dreams stop is by getting his G.E.D..

The Tribunal talks of the dangers of Nathan getting a better educational stand in the world. General Crozier says the only things Nathan was good at in high school was "frog dissection and football". They then bring in an expert on Nathan from Wahington, D.C., Dr. Natasha Nesciantskidovich. She says Nathan is looked up at from the "ignorant". If Nathan were to get a higher education, they would believe they were smarter and quite possible take over. Crozier doubts Nathan's power, saying "he didn't even speak until he was 5 years old." Natasha says Nathan is very similar to Joseph Stalin and has great potential. They hope Nathan fails.

Studious NathanEdit

In the library at Mordhaus, Murderface says his first world will be "something jazzy like redemption", which he proceeds to spell correctly. Next he spells confusion "K-U-N-FUSION". Toki points out that Murderface wont be able to choose his words, "the guy" does. He tells him he doesn't even get to know the words he will be given. Skwisgaar tells him those are the rules. none of this deters Murderface, who still believes he will will. In a different part of the room, Nathan is studying and is confused by an algebraic equation, claiming it to be stupid. Nathan studies with Toki, Skwisgaar, Murderface, and Pickles, Murderface being the least helpful.

Exam resultsEdit

On the bus, the band members are giving Murderface different words to spell, which he does poorly at. Toki tells Murderface he isn't spelling anything right, therefore he isn't a speller. Skwisgaar tell him Murderface cannot be helped as he did not receive the excellent education they did. Pickles challenges Skwisgaar telling him to "name something that has nothing to do with guitar", which he fails at. The bus pulls up to a high school to drop Nathan off, who says he had another dreamland can't concentrate. The band tells he him has test anxiety and suggests he drink to get rid of it, which he does. Nathan enters the building and takes his test.

At the graduation, Murderface tells Nathan he only has a high school degree because he threatened his principal. Charles shows up with Nathan's results which show he got a zero for not answering any of the questions. Charles hands Nathan the speech he wrote. On stage, Nathan gives up on the speech. He yells the graduates that they will all die, no matter what they do with their lives. He says, "Go forth and die."

During the end credits, Murderface is shown at the spelling bee, still on his first word "technicality". He has only said one letter and has already lost since his letter was "P". He continues to spell "piss" and loses.

Songs featured in this episodeEdit

Guest VoicesEdit


  • This episode shows that Mordhaus has a large library, spanning several floors, which seems at odds with the band's habit of watching TV and playing games all day.
  • The word "euonym" which Murderface spells wrong is a reference to Rebecca Sealfon who spelled out the word to win the 1997 Scripps National Spelling Bee.
  • The name of the fast food place where Nathan worked in his dream is a reference to the Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir

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