Go Forth and Die (song)

Album The Dethalbum
Band/Composer Dethklok
Featured in episode "Go Forth and Die (episode)"
Previous in album "Bloodrocuted"
Next in album "Fansong"

Go Forth and Die is a song made by Dethklok and is the fifth song featured on their debut album The Dethalbum. As usual, the lyrics are written by real-life Dethklok performer Brendon Small and sung by fictional vocalist Nathan Explosion. It is featured in the episode by the same name.


Music videoEdit

The video shows at the beginning a massive graveyard, before closing in on Nathan Explosion, who is standing alone on a tall mountain adored with dragon statues in a much smaller graveyard. His singing brings forth massive hordes of walking skeletons wearing different-colored graduation robes. Then the spirits of William Murderface , Toki Wartooth , Pickles , and Skwisgaar Skwigelf rise from the ground via their tombstones, and perform alongside Nathan. Eventually the skeletons fall back into their empty graves, while Nathan, left alone again, transforms into a spirit himself and descends into hell to join his bandmates and continue playing until the song ends.

Dethklok-Go Forth And Die04:21

Dethklok-Go Forth And Die

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