Background Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Housewife
Family Calvert (husband), Pickles (son), Seth (son)
Appearances Dethfam, Dethmas, Motherklok
Voiced by {{{voiced by}}}

Molly is the mother of Pickles and Seth, and is married to Calvert. She appears to be in her fifties and speaks with the same Wisconsin accent as Pickles. Like the rest of Pickles' family, her last name is unknown as of Doomstar Requiem.

Tribunal DescriptionEdit


Calling her runaway, alcoholic self-made Krillionaire son 'spoiled'.

"Pickles has never known the satisfaction of having his mothers approval for anything he has ever done. Not even being in the biggest entertainment act in the known universe is enough for her. She sees Pickles as a grotesque loser, while she applauds her underachieving son Seth for the most infantile victories. Is she a miserable hag threatened by PIckles' success? Perhaps, but Pickles will never be free of her abject disapproval until he, in one way or another, instructs her to go and fuck herself."

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