Planet Piss (song)

Album (Yet unnamed)
Band/Composer William Murderface
Featured in episode "Dethkids"
Previous in album "Unknown"
Next in album "Takin' it Easy"

Planet Piss is arguably the title of the song from Murderface's album side project Planet Piss. William and Dick Knubbler are seen working on this song during Dethkids, with William singing over a prerecorded music track. It's unclear whether Murderface did all the music portions by himself or not.


I am piss! And you are piss!

And caves are piss! The sky is piss! And lights are piss! And cars are piss! And books are piss!

And every single thing in the universe is piss!

Planet Piss! Planet Piss.

The plannet 's piss! And everything- And everything- And everything is piss!

And every single thing in the universe is piss!


Planet Piss...
Metalocalypse Murderface In the Studio00:42

Metalocalypse Murderface In the Studio

Alternate lyricsEdit

The sixth line "And every single thing in the universe is piss!" is technically incorrect according to the subtitled lyrics, which are "My soul is piss and I love piss!". Murderface is heard saying the first variation, causing a discrepancy between what is heard and the lyrics provided.

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