Rose Explosion
Background Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Housewife
Family Nathan (Son)
Oscar (Husband)
Appearances Dethfam
Voiced by -

Rose Explosion is Nathan Explosion's mother and the wife of Oscar Explosion.


Rose is an overweight middle aged woman with brown hair and a prominent nose that Nathan inherited.

Nathan seems to despise her (as he pretty much does everything else) because of her motherly over-protecting tendencies. She seems to also resent Nathan (for having ruined her vagina) as stated in "Dethfam".

Major appearancesEdit

She was first introduced in Dethfam where she tried to catch up Nathan in neighbourhood gossip and buy sweaters for him. Nathan was so uncomfortable that he said he wanted to die.

She and the other mothers of Dethklok appear in "Dethmas" when they visit Mordhaus for the holidays. She hangs out with the other mothers and is seen shopping with them at the mall. The mothers later team up to find the alcohol supply hidden by Dethklok to prevent their mothers from drinking. While intoxicated, Rose and the other mothers stagger into Knubbler and Murderface's Christmas special.


  • Fans speculate that she's 1/2 Yaneemango, since the show has not revealed which Explosion parent is the descendant of Chief Otoe, but Oscar seems an unlikely choice due to his blonde hair.
  • Nathan has a good relationship with his father, but it's unknown if he gets along so well with Rose. He loves her enough that he would go down on a lady to save both his parents.

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