Runke Snogge
Runke Snogge Drep Du Selv 215
Runke Snogge behind the counter of the 'Drep Du Selv'-record store.
Background Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Store clerk at Drep Du Selv,
Band member of Hestkuk
Family N/A
Appearances "Dethdad"
Voiced by Brendon Small
Quote open I am a pagan trapped in the conservative hell that is Norway. Quote close
— Runke Snogge to the members of Dethklok (scr)

Runke Snogge is an old Norwegian friend of Toki's and black metal fan who works at Drep Du Selv (a black metal record store in Lillehammer, Norway). He displays a similar accent to Toki and makes his first and sole appearance in the second season's episode "Dethdad".

Runke refuses to sell Dethklok albums at Drep Du Selv, as he perceives them as "too digital". Instead, he prefers to play a demo tape of his own black metal band called Hestkuk, which is named after a nord-Norwegian slur translating to a horse's cock (or "horse's dick"). He furthermore wears corpse paint when at work and expresses interest in pagan culture.




  • "Runke" is Norwegian for "Jack Off"
  • Snogge's appearance seems to be based on a combination of the black metal musicians: Abbath and Gaahl.

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