"Skwisgaar is in no legal way the father/guardian/etcetera of these children. See, in order to get backstage or to have any kind of audience with Skwigelf, every man, woman and child must sign a paternity waiver that legally disallows even the notion that Skwisgaar Skwigelf could be the father of their children, regardless of a potential positive DNA test."
— Band CFO Charles Ofdensen
Skwisgaar has many children around the world with many different women. Several women have sued him for not recognizing his biological children as his legitimate children. Thanks to the legal acumen of his manager, none of the paternity suits have been successful despite positive DNA matches. There have been several thousand paternity claims directed at Skwisgaar and it is unclear how many of these claims are true. Ironically, Skwisgaar has no trouble being a father to Fatty, who is adopted.

Skwisgaar denying involvement with his biological children

The last names of some of the women who sued Skwisgaar are Skwigalff, Lynmehyer, Hoffenholstein, Kanduu, Esperanza and Running Deer.


Only confirmed child of Skwisgaar (DNA test was positive, but paternity lawsuit was lost)

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