Snizzy "Snazz" Bullets
Background Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Guitar player for Snakes N' Barrels
Family -
Appearances Snakes n' Barrels (episode)
Snakes N' Barrels II
Voiced by Mike Patton

Snizzy "Snazz" Bullets is the rhythm guitar player for Snakes N' Barrels.


  • Snizzy has the most derogatory name of the band. "Snizzy" is another term for a slut. "Bullet" is another term for snorting cocaine. His nickname of "Snazz" means "tight" and is likely a joke based on both his first name and second as "Tight" an be a reference to the vagina, but can also mean he roll paper tightly for snorting cocaine.

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