Quote open The Dethlights are within you all, waiting to be woken, and when the five are united then evil will be broken. Quote close
Ishnifus Meaddle

The Dethlights, also Dethly Lights or Morte Lumina, are a destructive supernatural force exhibited by Dethklok in Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.



Dethklok defeats their enemy with The Dethlights

Dethklok uses this power to defeat The Man With the Silver Face upon being reunited with Toki, in conjunction with the presence of the Doomstar. The power did not seem to be activated by their own volition, but rather, an alignment of these factors. When the power was activated the five were levitated against a pentagram emitting lightning and beams of red light. It is unclear if this power will be used again.

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