This is a list of vehicles featured throughout the Metalocalypse series. The majority of the vehicles are owned by Dethklok, and due to their immense wealth, Dethklok's vehicles are notorious for being extraordinarily huge and expensive. Most of Dethklok's vehicle's have either the words "Deth-" or "Murder-" in their title and are designed with Gothic architecture often featuring heavy spikes or blades, red LED highlights, dark colors and mainly plated with metal.

Land vehiclesEdit


The Murdercycle is a customized motorcycle designed to carry all five members of Dethklok, and is usually driven by Nathan Explosion. There is also a snowmobile variant of the Murdercycle that serves the same purpose but instead can be driven through heavy snow. The most notable appearance of this vehicle is in the opening theme song for the Metalocalypse.

Customized Lincoln limousineEdit

The customized Lincoln limousine is the vehicle where former president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in. It was purchased and customized by Dethklok as a gift for William Murderface for his birthday, as seen in Metalocalypse episode "Birthdayface".

Double necked GuitcarsEdit

The NASCAR-type cars Toki and Skwisgaar get in Dethrace

Sea vehiclesEdit


The PentaPod is both an air and sea vehicle used by Dethklok in Metalocalypse episode "The Metalocalypse Has Begun" to escape harms way and get to safety. There are five pods, one for each member of Dethklok, and during a show Charles Foster Offdensen is able to have dispatched to the pods at a moments notice if danger arises. The Dethpods have also been using in episodes such as "Dethwater" to travel in the ocean, an example of this is Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler who used the vehicle to get from the surface to the sea and vice-versa.


The Dethsub is a typhoon class nuclear submarine used by Dethklok. It's most notable use is in Metalocalypse episode "Church of the Black Klok" where it was the vehicle used by Dethklok to escape Mr. Salacia and travel deep within the ocean to reach the Church of the Black Klok.


The Dethboat is a river boat used by Dethklok in their journey to the amazon in Metalocalypse episode "Dethcarraldo". The boat was too huge to travel to the amazon through natural water passages so the Klokateers had to destroy a portion of the rain-forest so the Dethboat could be dropped down from the air. The boat also served little use for actual travel because it reached a point where the river was too narrow to boat over and the boat had to be pulled over a mountain.

Air vehiclesEdit


The Dethkopter (also known as the Hatredcopter) is Dethklok's personal gigantic helicopter, and their most used vehicle for travel.


The Dethspiders are kamikaze flying devices used to quickly fly and attach themselves to missiles aimed at attacking Mordhaus and self-destruct. The most notable appearance of the Dethspiders are in Metalocalypse episode "Dethrelease" where they helped fend off incoming missiles from The Revengencers.

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